Valet Curbside Junk Removal Service

Quick, simple and easy Junk Removal services for all. Just toss it out and we’ll make it disappear!

Quality Service

With the Valet Pickup Service we send a team of Prompt and Professional Service Providers focused on clearing space safely and expeditiously.  

Easy Booking

We understand your time is precious, don't waste it dealing with junk. We've streamlined your request for service with our innovative Junk Removal Calculator.

Start by gathering all unwanted items together in one central location. As you compile, take a casual inventory of as much as you can. Next, snap a few pictures. Finally, click here to schedule your Valet Pickup Service now!

valet curbside pickup service

How Much Will This Cost?

We constantly reevaluate our prices to ensure you get the best value for your money. We promise not to break your bank and to keep you junk-free!

Service Qualifications

Our Valet Pickup Service is designed to save you time and money. Book online now. You pile it, we dump it. Simple. There are a few things to keep in mind to qualify for this service:

sofa curbside valet junk removal pickup service

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